Este barco ya se hundió!

The Spanish galleon San José was designed to be transporting gold, silver and precious gems collected from the South American colonies to be shipped to Spain's King Philip V to help finance the war of Spanish succession. However the galleon sank off the coast of Colombia more than 300 years ago, recently was found and now its asked for repatriation by the Spanish government arguing that treasures should belong to Spain as the ship’s country of origin. 


Regardless of the international laws that clearly benefit the colonizer and the obvious question: ¿Why claim in the XXI century the rights over a ship that was carrying to the Spanish Crown a treasure resulting from the plundering of the nations that are now Bolivia, Colombia, Panama and Peru?

Este barco YA se hundió! (this ship has already sunk) aims to rise questions about repatriation, that extend beyond materiality to the idea of ​​'something' irreparable, understanding that the colonial legacy is still evident in the day to day of Latin American society. It is to open the door of any house in Latin America to found the damage of governments and oppressive policies led by a colonial mentality that extends to the academic spheres including the art itself.

The art piece is composed of 1698 (year of construction of the Galleon) ships placed in lines constructed from different colonial documents of America since the year of 1698.



Paper and Fiberglass

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