Participatory Art

This work is part of a Phd research process at Leiden University, granted by the Gerda Henkel Stiftung and the British Museum, in co-authorship with Marcelo Marques Miranda.


Please find more about the project in this published article Here or directly by ICOM-CC Here


This Research+Action project use Participatory art 

with the aim of challenging colonial perceptions of indigenous communities which art have been represented by the museums and art sphere as primitive and exotic craftsmanship and exhibited as trophies, decontextualized and desacralized.

The projects is divided in different stages 

-Museum intervention 

-Photograph Archive

-Public intervention


Museum intervention: 

As starting point, here are the artworks created by indigenous Camëntsá artists in response to my installation which is based in denying the materiality of the objets exhibited at the Museum of Sibundoy.

These ephemeral state creates specters of Absence bringing the opportunity to generate dialogue with the Camëntsá people and their contemporary issues.

The artworks reveal the importance of the ancestors in the Camëntsá worldview and, at the same time, a critical position in relation to the exhibition of human remains at the Museum.

¨... Collaborative work with marginalized groups does not have to be purely instrumental form of social work. It also achieve excellence on a range of measures of artistic quality, and can even challenge those measures. For inclusion and diversity are not the enemies of excellence...¨ (Inclusive Arts Practice and Research: A critical Manifesto. p.17)



Museum objects - Participatory art- decolonization - PROJECTS: Museum of Sibundoy Putumayo-Amazonas COL 

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